Tips And Tricks To Grow Marijuana From OG Kush Seeds


The newest trend is to buy Marijuana seeds online, so you can say the world is “growing”. Of course we are here to help you growing your favourite strains and achieving the best results. Today we are going to talk about the often chosen strain, OG Kush. Known for is euphoric high, it is one of the most famous hybrid strains out there. It’s great for everyone, even a little mysterious as it’s calming and sedative, but gives you that euphoric high at the same time.

If you bought OG Kush Marijuana Seed online The Seed Pharm recommends growing indoors for best results, however this strain will also do well in outdoor settings. If growing indoors, its a good idea to use the Screen Of Green (SCROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) methods. These methods will increase your yields as well as bud sizes. Keep in mind that OG can be susceptible to powdering mildew, so its more of a hands on grow as you will have to prune it to improve airflow in the canopy. OG’s buds are big and heavy, so it’s important to have support for them. A hydroponic system works well with indoor grows as it helps to prevent against diseases and keeps the plants immune system healthy and strong.

OG Kush is considered to be on the more difficult side of growing, so probably not recommended for first time growers. Something like Northern Lights is a better choice for the inexperienced grower. You can also buy these Marijuana seeds online with us. It has an industry average flowering time of 2 months, and you will be happy with the moderate yield it produces.

Ideal temperatures for OG are between 18 degrees and 26 degrees Celsius. During flowering it prefers a lower humidity level. Due to its big and dense buds, if the humidity is too high, it makes it susceptible to bud rot. So if you’re growing outdoors, you want to grow in an area with drier climates. If you are a skilled indoor grower, and you apply your grow techniques properly, you will have great results.

Of course with all of nature, everything has a different feeding cycle and preference. What works with one strain, may not be ideal for another. OG Kush gets its big dense buds as a result of heavy feeding with calcium and magnesium. It’s important to make sure your plants are receiving enough of this during flowering so the buds will develop to their best potential. In order to avoid powdery mildew, you can feed the plants with a compost tea to help bolster their immune systems.

Now that you’ve finished your crop, its time to enjoy the balanced high OG is famous for. If you have the nose for it, you will be able to detect it by its pungent and earthy smell. Another sign of fine OG Kush are the resinous crystals found on its buds. You can buy OG Kush Marijuana Seeds online with us. Thank you everyone for reading, hope this was helpful, The Seed Pharm.