The Seed Pharm is Canada’s Premier Marijuana Seeds Provider.

We offer high premium marijuana seeds at a great price. Our company was founded in 2016 just ahead of the marijuana boom about to take place in 2018. Today our company is one of the leading marijuana seeds suppliers in North America. We aim for the legalization of cannabis use and our passion in helping others find treatment with Marijuana use. Our seeds Canada are here to give you the best quality from online marijuana seed sales. Our premier seeds produce the highest yielding marijuana online. We understand that growing takes time and money and we want to make sure that every marijuana seed we sell, becomes your best plant for use. Our passion for marijuana and the marijuana seeds we sell, is for the craft grower to the biggest marijuana companies in North America. We are constantly involved with the bigger enterprises as they trust our products for their own yielding growing needs. Our seeds Canada are the premier marijuana seeds in the western hemisphere.



Mark Lambert
CEO / Founder

Selling you the best quality marijuana seeds money can by for cheaper than you would expect.


Greg Thompson
Marketing Director

Helping you grow faster, more productive plants with bigger yields.


Dory Grey
Public Relations

Covering all your support needs as fast as possible with the highest satisfaction rates in the industry.


July Wood
Customer Support

Letting you know your number one, because our customersatisfaction is paramount.